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Lighting Free Thinking

It’s 12:30am, the time of day when the house is quiet and my brain is stirring. Time to get the speedlights out (and hope the neighbors don’t call the cops form all the strange flashes popping off through the windows). I enjoy playing with cinemagraphs/gifs and really dig lighting. So tonight I had three lights out and wonder about the application with real people. I have at least 6 light stands/speedlights/triggers at any point so why not eventually put them to use. The triggers of choice are Yongnuo’s yn-622n and they come with¬†multiple channels and groups, allowing me to fire an array of combinations. The tricky part is selecting each channel/group and firing the camera with fast, fluid motion. Client burnout is all too real so I’m using my foam model in our (under construction) dining room to work out the kinks.


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